Company Profile
Founded in 1995, Vector Fabrication Inc currently occupies over 18,000 feet at its fully self-contained state-of-the-art facility in Milpitas, California. Vector Fabrication is the extension of KML Engineering Corporation which has been doing front-end engineering for the printed circuit board industry since 1984. Our staff of highly skilled and experienced PCB craftsmen, combined with our long history of excellence, customer satisfaction, and on time delivery makes us one of the best PCB manufacturers in the industry. We have an extensive customer base. Vector Fabrication is known for it's excellent product quality and on time delivery record.
Our Mission
To be one of the leading prototype PCB/PCA facilities in Silicon Valley, delivering high quality, timely PCB solutions to the High-Tech R&D center of the U.S.
Organized specifically to cater for the Quick Turn PCB/PCA industry’s demands:
  • Organized into teams.
  • Staff with multi disciplinary skills.
  • Built in “quality” control and checks systems within and between functional areas.
  • Vector Fabrication is structured to perform like a “race car”.
We truly appreciate your visiting our home website. Welcome, and feel free to look around and send us your comments.
The basis of the PCB industry is to support the engineering and development of new and better products within the electronics industry. It has become apparent that there is a need for printed circuit boards in every industrial field. Many of these boards are very sophisticated and require ever more dense construction.  Our company pays attention to the developing needs of industry and continues to purchase up to date equipment and to train our employees in their use.  We also use the latest manufacturing techniques and are constantly training our employees in them. 
We also appreciate the support and continuing praise our customers have given us as this encourages us to strive for an even higher standard of excellence.
If you have yet to experience our quality, service, and technical excellence; please feel free to request a quote from us.   You will be pleased that you are joining with so many other successful companies who already are using our services.
Quang Luong
President/ Owner